This article will explain how can we deploy our Python-Flask Application to Kubernetes. We will use Kubernetes to deploy our Flask Application.

We will build a Flask Application and create a Docker Image of flask application and deploy in a Kubernetes cluster.

Why we are using Kubernetes?

Suppose we hosted an application on internet using any hosting services. At some point of time number of user on your application increases so your application crashes because of very high number of requests. So in that case there is no backup or no another application which will serve in the meantime we fix the application problem.


This article will explain how Redis cache works with a simple nodejs application so that we can improve our application speed and performance.

In this article, we will build an application that will call GitHub API to extract the number of the repository of the particular user and save it into the cache. after that when we call the same endpoint, it will extract the data from the cache instead of calling the GitHub API again.

What is Caching?

caching is a process of storing the data in cache memory for later use. …

If you have used any modern website, then chances are you have interacted with a website that uses REST, but what exactly is REST? For starters, REST stands for Representation State Transfer and you can say that it is just a fancy way of saying that a server responds to create, read, update, and delete requests in a standard way. The idea behind REST is to treat all server URLs as access points for the various resources on the server. For example in this URL,, users represent the resource that the server is exposing. …

Pagination is a feature of a web application to show a huge number of records into a number of pages. The pagination is implemented in a way to fetch only records that need to be displayed on a page to improve the performance of the overall application.

create an app with Angular CLI

first we need to create an angular application using below command

ng new angular8-simple-pagination

move to created folder and run the created app using ng serve. Check the running app on http://localhost:4200 on your browser.

cd angular8-simple-pagination
ng serve

Install Pagination Module

Install ngx-pagination Angular module for pagination using the below command.

npm install ngx-pagination --save

Create data to show the pagination

Middleware functions are functions that execute after the server receives the request and before the controller action sends the response. Essentially it is code that executes in the middle of your request, hence the name middleware. Before I get too in-depth on the details of middleware, though, I want to set up a basic Express server with two routes.

Setting Up An Express Server

To start a Node.js project we need to run “npm init -yin your project folder. this will create a basic package.json file with all of the default values filled in for you. after that, we need to install express by…

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